Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Pride: Amsterdam & The LGBTQueen

As the rainbow flags flutter in the summer breeze, Amsterdam dons its proudest colours for the annual Pride week, a vibrant testament to the city’s rich history within the LGBTQI+ movement and community. Amsterdam, famously known for its beautiful canals, idyllic tulip gardens, and timeless art, has a legacy of acceptance, inclusivity, and freedom of expression that stretches back centuries.

Pride week is not just a time for celebration, but also a reminder of the courage and resilience of those who dared to be authentic in an era when being ‘different’ was scorned. Today, the city, once a safe haven for the oppressed and the persecuted, stands tall, echoing the strength of the LGBTQI+ community and the power of love, acceptance, and self-expression. #youareincluded #pride #amsterdam

We are delighted to feature an iconic piece of art that encapsulates these very sentiments – the LGBTQueen. A product of a chance encounter in the lobby of an Ibiza hotel, this photograph portrays the vivacious Delphina in her own make-up and costume, promoting an event for La Troya, one of the world’s longest-running LGBT events.

Photo & Frame (180 x 120 cm), Edition: 1 of 1, Pricing: On request.

Unlike traditional photoshoots, there were no studios, no professional strobe lights, no pre-production meetings. What makes the LGBTQueen unique is its authenticity – a moment of genuine self-expression captured amidst the gym equipment and furniture of the hotel.

The final artwork, however, was not immediate; it took five years of honing post-production skills to create an image that lived up to the photographer Julius Jooste’s vision. Now available as an editioned fine art print and an exclusive NFT, the LGBTQueen stands as a tribute to the vibrant world of La Troya and a beacon of the ‘love is love’ message that resonates with Jooste.

NFT (3861 px x 2574 px), Edition: 1 of 1, Pricing: ₳ 2500.

The LGBTQueen, like Amsterdam Pride, is a celebration of acceptance, tolerance, patience, and love. It’s a symbol of authentic self-expression, inviting us all to be our own ‘queens’ – unabashedly and unapologetically ourselves.

Amsterdam Pride is not just a week of festivity, but a continuous journey of acceptance and self-expression, much like the journey of the LGBTQueen from a mere negative to an iconic piece of art. As we celebrate, let’s remind ourselves – our stories matter, our identities matter, our expressions matter. Because at the end of the day, love is love, and we are all included.

Photo & Frame (105 x 70 cm), Edition: 1 of 1, Pricing: On request.

As we revel in the celebrations of Pride week, let’s remember – love fiercely, accept wholeheartedly, and express freely. Happy Pride, Amsterdam!

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