Interview: Julius Jooste on Gons for AFDA Film Festival

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Host #1: On to a different kind of adventure. With the rise in popularity of the South African film industry; AFDA decided to make their own film festival an open and national event. With us in studio today, the organizer and student body president: Julius Jooste

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Host #2: Julius, welcome to Gons.

Julius: Thank you for having me.

Host #1: [Jokingly] – It looks a bit boring to me.

Everyone: Uncomfortable laughter

Host #1: No, I’m joking, I’m joking.

Host #2: Consider the ice broken.

Host #2: It looks very exciting. How did the project… how was it initiated? Tell us a bit more.

Julius:  Ok, so this is what happens. In third year, you get to make two twelve-minute films. You get six weeks to plan, two weeks to shoot and then six weeks of post-production. This is our second cycle of the year. We completed shooting a few weeks ago, and are currently busy with post. Its final production this week and then the film festival starts this Friday evening. 

Host #2: OK.

Julius: So it is very stressful, it’s definitely a steep learning curve, but you know, that’s what it’s about. 

Host #1: How many films are there?

Julius: There are twenty-one (21) films of which there are third and fourth-year productions. You’ll notice that “prime viewing” or “prime slots” were given to the fourth-year students. Those are every evening at eight (20h00). Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night. Eight-o-clock it’s the fourth year’s and then the third-year productions are before them.

Host #2: And tell us a bit about the films themselves. What are the lengths of the films? What types of genres have been included? 

Julius: You know, I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of a third-year team that is all about diversity. There is a wide variety of products that are being released: There are township dramas, there is a dark comedy slash action. There are some of the best animations I’ve ever seen come out of AFDA. MCP productions also, which are studio work and then a couple more township dramas.

Host #2: Cool.

Host #1: How many students are there at AFDA? 

Julius: At the Johannesburg branch, there are between six and seven hundred. From first to fourth year. And double that in Cape Town. So we are looking at about a thousand four hundred (1400) in total.

Host #2: And if a person would like to go watch a film, what is the cost associated? How much does it cost?

Julius: Ok, well, the costs are R10 per ticket. They will be on sale at the door. The premieres have already sold out for most of the films. But a second cinema has also been made available for the public. Tickets are on sale at the door. They are R10 a ticket. Enjoy the film.

Host #1: Great stuff. We’ll pop in.

Host #2: It sounds very nice. Thanks a lot. 

Julius: Alright,

Host #1: See you there.

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Omroeper #1: Aan na ‘n ander soort avontuur. Met die toename en gewildheid van Suid Afrikaanse film bedryf, het AFDA besluit om hulle eie studente film fees ‘n oop en nasionale event te maak en in studio het ons die organiseerder en voorsitter van die studente raad: Julius Jooste

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Omroeper #2: Julius, welkom by Gons.

Julius: Dankie dat jul my hier het..

Omroeper #1: [Grapperig] – Lyk maar vir my ‘n bietjie boring.

Almal: Lag ongemaklik

Omroeper #1: Nee. Ek jok, ek jok. 

Omroeper #2: Daar is die ys nou gebreek.

Omroeper #2: Dit lyk baie exciting, hoe die projek… hoe het julle dit geinisieer? Vertel ons ‘n bietjie meer.

Julius: Ok, hierso is wat gebeur. In derde jaar maak jy twee twaalf minute films. Jyt ses weke om te beplan, twee weke om te skiet dan ses weke se post production. So hierdie is nou die tweede cycle van die jaar. Ons het ‘n paar weke terug geskiet, ons is besig in post, dis final production hierdie week en dan is die festival hierdie Vrydag aand. 

Omroeper #2: OK.

Julius: So dit is baie stressvol, definitief ‘n groot leer kurwe, maar jy weet, dis waaroor dit gaan. 

Omroeper #1: Hoeveel, films is daar?

Julius: Daar is een-en-twintig (21) films, waarvan dit derde en vierde jaar produksies is. Julle sal sien dat “prime viewing” of die “prime slot” is vir die vierde jaar studente gegee. So hulle is agt uur elke aand. Vrydag aand, Saterdag aand en Sondag aand. Agt uur is die vierde jaars en dan die derde jaar produksies voor dit.

Omroeper #2: En vertel ons ‘n bietjie meer oor die films self. Wat is die lengte van die films? Watse tipe genres word als gecover?

Julius: Weet jy, ek is baie bevooreg om hierdie jaar met ‘n derde jaar groep te sit wat alles gaan oor diversiteit. Daar is ‘n groot verskeindinheid van produkte wat uit kom: daar is township drama, daarso is ‘n dark comedy slash action. Daar so is die beste animations wat ek al uit AFDA sien uit kom het. MCP productions ook, wat studio wek is, en dan nog ‘n paar township dramas. 

Omroeper #2: Cool.

Omroeper #1: Hoeveel studente is by AFDA? 

Julius: By die Johannesburg tak tussen ses honderd en sewe honderd. Van eerse jaar to vierde jaar. En dan dubbel dit in Kaap Stad. So, ons kyk na ‘n duisend vier honderd (1400).

Omroeper #2: En as ‘n mens dit wil gaan kyk, wat is die kostes daaran verbonde? Hoeveel kos dit? 

Julius: Ok, wel, die kostes is R10 ‘n kaartjie. Dat sal beskikbaar wees by die deur. Die premieres is ongelukkig al klaar uit verkoop vir meeste van die films, maar daarso is ‘n tweede cinema beskikbaar gemaak vir die publiek. So jy kan by die deur kom, dis R10 ‘n kaartjie, en geniet die film.

Omroeper #1: Great stuff. Ons gaan loer.

Omroeper #2: Dit klink baie lekker, baie dankie. 

Julius: Alright,

Omroeper #1: Sien jou daar.

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