A Word from the Photographer

Having worked closely with some of the world’s leading experts in dating, relationships and sex I have developed very unique ability.
I have developed the ability of thinking like a woman. A trait, I might add, that has come at great cost but also makes me really good at my job.

The past seven years I have been working on the island of Ibiza (Spain) where I have been fortunate enough to befriend, photograph and promote some of the world’s most beautiful and exotic women. After all these photoshoots, I have come to learn one thing: Every woman is beautiful, sexy and sensual. You just have to create a safe and relaxing environment that allows for her inner temptress to come out and play.

My style of photography places the model in charge of concept. I merely serve as an advisor regarding logistics, aesthetic and technical aspects.
I have learned that this is the only way to get photos that my clients ABSOLUTELY adore.

My photoshoots are more than just an exercise in pointing and shooting. They are a journey for my clients to discover their own sense of sensuality and take an introspective look at themselves as a sexual being. Working with me is both exhilarating and frightening as I have a knack for getting under the skin and confronting any insecurities I may find lurking on the surface.

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What Clients Are Saying

Amaya Davis

“Working with Julius was a great experience very professional and creates the highest quality image.”Amaya Davis (England)

Amaya Davis

“Oh my goodness. I love my photos! always a pleasure to work with you Julius.”Anda Cristescu (Romania)

“One of the best photographers I ever had shooting for my brand.” Barbara Christel (Germany)

“Julius is a fantastic photographer . It is so easy to work with him because he knows how to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera.”Beita Ibáñez (Spain)

Amaya Davis

“Julius is skilled with the camera and a kind person. There is a reason all the beautiful dancers love working with him.”Julieta Carbonell (Argentina)

Amaya Davis

“He made me feel beautiful, outside and inside. He was a pleasure to work with. Very professional.”Laura Rodríguez (Argentina)

“You don’t have to be a model to get perfect pictures. Julius helps you find a pose which shows the beauty of your body and hides the imperfections.”Lucie Blahuskova (Czech Republic)

“A real pleasure to work with. He knows exactly how to capture your essence. A true artist.”Mehl Ferradans (Argentina)

“His ability to understand exactly what I am looking for my company was incredible. We did great work together!”Mila Blink (Brazil)

“Julius is a brilliant photographer! He has an awesome eye and knows how to bring up the beauty hidden within every girl/woman he photographs.”Nathaloa Boas (Brazil)

“He has a remarkable way of easing the most awkward and shy woman (me) into a goddess who oozes self confidence.”Yumna Patel (South Africa)

“Julius is a really good person and very professional on the job.”Zoa Alvińo (Spain)


Price Lists

Mini Beach Boudoir Sessions

That won’t break the bank…

Guided photo shoot where we create the most sensual version of yourself and capture it on an exotic beach location in Cape Town, South Africa

These sessions are ideal for:

-Women who are travelling to Cape Town and would like to immortalize the experience.
-Women who would like to create something special for their significant other as an anniversary gift.
-Expecting mothers who would like a keepsake of their journey into motherhood.
-Single women who would like updated photos for their dating apps.

Accepted methods of payment include SnapScan, Credit Card or Bitcoin.

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Estefania Villanueva, Argentina (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Violet Heart, Portugal (Model, Dancer, Singer) – Ibiza
Valentina Grilli, Italy (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Numina Hernandez, Italy (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Laura Rodríguez, Argentina (Model, Actress) – Ibiza
Bianca Bosnjak, South Africa (Model, Dancer) – Cape Town
Lufae Suicide, South Africa (Model) – Cape Town

Alicia Sandtos, Spain (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Ibiza
Almendra Villarroel, Argentina / Spain (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Ibiza
Leonie Williams, Ivory Coast / Spain (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Ibiza
Lala Monroe, Colombia (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Lucy Jasmin, United Kigdom (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Ludmila Episcopo, Argentina (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Yamila Morales, Argentina (Model) – Ibiza

Christina Quarternik, United States of America (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Ibiza
Katie Kansas, United States of America (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Cape Town
Katie Kansas, United States of America (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Ibiza
Kenza White, France (Model) – Ibiza
Marielle Nadine, Netherlands (Model, Dancer, Acrobat) – Cape Town
Sarah Galan, Spain (Model) – Cape Town
Thais Malauzat, South Africa (Model) – Cape Town

Amaya Davis, United Kingdom (Model) – Ibiza
Anastasia Gro, Germany (Model) – Ibiza
Bea Rodriguez Granados, Spain (Dancer) – Ibiza
Beita Ibanez, Spain (Dancer) – Ibiza
Florencia Gayone, Argentina (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Ibiza
Henriette Haanes, Norway (Model) – Ibiza
Laura Salinas Rodríguez , Argentina (Model) – Ibiza
Lucie Blahuskova, Czeck Republic (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Silvan Perre, Germany (Dancer, Model) – Ibiza
Tara Leggit, Ireland (Model) – Ibiza

Berenice Brin, Spain (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Brogan Adams, United Kingdom (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Celia Garciacalvillo, Spain (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Cyndi Felix, Brazil (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Debby Reina, Argentina (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Jennyfer Sanz, Spain (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Julieta Carbonell, Argentina (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Lucie Blahuskova, Czeck Republic (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Mila Blink, Brazil (Model, Dancer, Business Owner) – Ibiza
Nathalia Boas, United Kingdom (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Tara Leggit, Ireland (Model) – Ibiza

Amalia Mimi, Romania (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Anda Crestescu, Romania (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza,
Florencia Gayone, Argentina (Model, Dancer, Actress) – Ibiza
Julieta Carbonell, Argentina (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Kyra Soares, Spain (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Nathalia Boas, United Kingdom (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Noelia Torres, Spain (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Rozlind Agnew, Cape Town (Model, TV Presenter)- Cape Town
Ruby Chlo, Romania (Model, Dancer) – Ibiza
Yumna Patal, South Africa (Model) – Johannesburg
Zoa Aviño, Spain (Model, Actress) – Ibiza

Janay Flowers, Germany (Model) – Ibiza
Laura Starr, Spain (Dancer, Model) – Ibiza

2010 – 2012
Arnica Miakista, South Africa (Model) – Kwa Zulu Natal
Bernice Breedt, South Africa (Model) – Johannesburg
Colleen Naiker, South Africa (Model) – Kwa Zulu Natal
Robbyn Angela Leal, South Africa (Model) – Johannesburg
Tamara Chetty, South Africa (Model) – Kwa Zulu Natal
Zea Meyer, South Africa (Model) – Johannesburg

Track Record

More than 60 professional photography sessions with models, make-up artists and designers from Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, France, Romania, USA and Czech Republic.

Catalogue – Pacha – Fashion & Promo – Cape Town (2017)
Catalogue – Love and Light – Fashion & Promo – Cape Town (2017)
Catalogue – Maze Fashion – Ibiza (2015 & 2017)
Catalogue – Free Love Ibiza – Ibiza (2015 & 2017)