My Web Design Recipe

Calling all career creatives! Welcome to a delicious journey through the art and science of building websites that wow. This is My Web Design Recipe, a five-part series where I peel back the curtain on my process, revealing the secret ingredients to online masterpieces.

Cardano Over Coffee and Cardano Centers

In this cosmic conversation, we journey through the galaxies of Cardano, answering questions from the ever-curious COC community, and catch a glimpse of the enigmatic ‘Prism’ collection. As the digital cosmos continues to expand, we invite you to join us on this interstellar adventure, where art, technology, and blockchain merge to create something truly out of this world.

Featured Artist: NFTxLV

Cosmopolitan photographer and digital content creator Julius Jooste has achieved a significant milestone by being chosen as a featured artist at NFTxLV 2023, a prestigious NFT conference held in Las Vegas.

Celebrate Yourself, Celebrate Pride: Amsterdam & The LGBTQueen

Experience the colors and spirit of Amsterdam’s Pride Week as we delve into the city’s rich LGBTQI+ history and embrace the power of love, acceptance, and self-expression. We also introduce you to an iconic piece of art, the LGBTQueen, a testament to authenticity, captured in an unexpected place and moment. Don’t miss the chance to explore its story and join the Art Collectors Membership for exclusive access to its pricing and more unique pieces. Claim your complimentary year’s membership today!

Julius’s Fine Art Gallery on

Explore art in a fresh, immersive way in our virtual gallery, housing 60 pieces across 6 collections. Connect with artists, like Julius, in our Artist Area or attend his virtual studio visits.