From Victim to Victory – An interview with Wilna Jooste founder of Victory Coaching.

Meet Wilna Jooste, a dedicated Life Coach, in our inaugural Photography for Women blog interview. Wilna explores the practical ways coaching encourages personal growth and how photography can contribute to women’s self-expression and empowerment. Learn from her insights on navigating change, building resilience, and fostering self-understanding. This engaging conversation could provide the valuable perspective you’ve been seeking. Dive into the full article to learn more about the synergy of life coaching and the art of photography.

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Wie de f*k is Helga Botha?

Van ‘n Russiese sirkusvertoner tot ‘n gewilde paaldanser in Ibiza, ‘n inspirasie vir Bond-meisies en ‘n bekende roman skrywer, het Helga Botha ‘n lewe vol avontuur en misterie gelei. En dan is daar die gerugte dat sy ‘n spioen in die lug was – maar vir wie? Volgende week ontrafel ons die ware verhaal. Tot dan, hou die vraag in jou gedagtes: Wie de fok is Helga Botha?

Behind the Lens: The Role of Masculine Energy in Celebrating Feminine Power

The dance of masculine and feminine energies creates a powerful dynamic in the world of ‘Photography for Women.’ This blog post will explore how the masculine energy behind the lens can create a safe space for celebrating feminine power, illuminating the gentle strength of this unique partnership.

The Art of Self-Love: Picturing Your Self-Worth

Self-love isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a necessary practice for mental health and wellbeing. In this blog post, we discuss how the medium of photography can serve as a powerful tool in manifesting self-love and self-appreciation, showcasing your worth one snapshot at a time.