Ember Flow - From the Prism Collection by Julius Jooste

Nurtured - From the Landscapes Collection by Julius Jooste

Memento Mori - From the 'New' Collection by Julius Jooste

White Electric Wind - From the 1/1 Collection by Julius Jooste

Caviar and Expensive Cigars - From the Paso a Paso Collection by Julius Jooste

Piercing Through The Veil - From the Shadow Work Collection by Julius Jooste

Hebe - From the Dancers of Ibiza Collection by Julius Jooste

Be Here Now: Immerse Your Soul in Moments of Healing

Born from the fusion of a seasoned filmmaker's eye and an islander's spirit, my Fine Art Collections offer a potent journey of mindfulness and self-discovery. Each piece whispers "Be here now," echoing the rhythm of your present moment, an invitation to breathe deeper and connect with the raw essence of being.

Drawing on years of mastering light and motion, my photographs resonate with a cinematic depth, their textures imbued with the whispers of windswept palms and sun-kissed sands. From abstract meditations to evocative landscapes, each collection weaves a unique tapestry of healing, whispering stories of resilience and the transformative power of mindful presence.

Beyond captivating aesthetics, my art serves as a catalyst for personal growth. Owning a piece is an act of self-commitment, a silent promise to nurture your wellbeing and embrace the journey of becoming. Let these vibrant portals transport you to the serene shores of inner peace, igniting a flame of inspiration that guides you towards your ultimate flourishing.

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