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More than 1200 events covered for some of the biggest names in the international music industry.

Capturing the pulsating heartbeat of the music and events scene, my portfolio is a visual symphony that resonates with the electric energy of global events. Having worked with iconic brands and artists like David Guetta's "F*** Me I’m Famous" at Pacha, Ibiza, Bob Sinclar's magnetic "Pure Pacha - Paris By Night", the legendary Carl Cox at "Music is Revolution" in Space, Ibiza, and the vibrant vibes of Ultra South Africa in Cape Town, my lens has immortalized moments that echo the essence of music and celebration. From the sultry nights in Ibiza's Hed Kandi to the grandeur of BBC Radio 1 TakeOver and the majesty of international music summits, my visuals narrate tales that are as eclectic as they are evocative.

My accolades aren't just confined to events; I've also crafted Electronic Press Kits that showcase artists like Mark Ursa, Tom Novy, and Kintar, amplifying their stories with my distinct visual style. Trust in my expertise to not just document, but to elevate your event into an unforgettable experience. Explore the depth and dynamism of my Event and Music Photography portfolio, and let me be the storyteller of your next big moment.

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Your session fee covers my photography expertise but may not include specific location costs. If extra charges arise from your chosen location, they'll be your responsibility. Thanks for understanding, and I'm here to assist with any location queries!