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Renowned Photographer Julius Jooste to Showcase “Catharsis” at Bridges for Music London Gala

Acclaimed photographer and digital content creator Julius Jooste joins a select group of artists to showcase his captivating work, “Catharsis (Editioned 1 of 10),” at the Bridges for Music London Gala. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this prestigious event takes place on November 22nd, 2023 at the legendary Fabric Nightclub in London.

Art enthusiasts attending the gala will have the exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Jooste’s vision through a silent auction, making “Catharsis” a truly unique acquisition.

More than just a title, Paso a Paso, Spanish for “step by step,” is a philosophy that permeates Jooste’s artistic journey. This collection invites viewers to embrace the present moment and connect with the art on a personal level. Born from a year-long collaboration with established artists, Paso a Paso showcases Jooste’s artistic voice while making it accessible to a wider audience. Driven by the belief in the therapeutic power of art, Jooste aims to uplift and inspire through his work.

Curated from seven years of archived photographs, Paso a Paso presents a series of abstract images capturing the essence of personal growth and discovery. Energy and movement flow through these minimally edited photographs, preserving their natural beauty. Accompanied by narratives, prose, poetry, meditations, and one-liners, the collection invites viewers on a journey through Jooste’s lens, offering context and enriching interpretation.

Selected for the Bridges for Music Gala, “Catharsis” embodies the powerful release of emotion and the joyous surrender to the present moment. Captured at the iconic Heart nightclub in Ibiza, Spain, the photograph depicts a shower of confetti as the crowd celebrates life’s uninhibited moments. This vibrant and energetic piece perfectly captures the spirit of the gala, promising an evening filled with artistic expression, musical celebration, and inspiring connections.

For more information about Julius Jooste and the Bridges for Music London Gala, please visit the official website.

Artwork Showcased:

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