Featured Artist: Cardano Center

Featured Artist: Julius Jooste Captivates Cardano Center with ‘Prism’

As a renowned photographer and digital content creator, Julius Jooste embarked on a thrilling artistic journey in October 2023. He had the distinct honor of being the inaugural artist to showcase his work at Cardano Center Cape Town with his captivating collection, ‘Prism’.

“Being the inaugural artist for this new space was truly gratifying,” Jooste enthuses. “Witnessing my work displayed on impressive 60-inch 4K displays added an extra layer of fulfillment to the endeavor.”

Jooste’s ‘Prism’ collection, displayed at the Cardano Center from October 5th to 27th, captivated audiences with its vibrant colors and evocative imagery. The collection features a diverse array of pieces, each capturing a unique perspective and emotion.

Jooste’s artistic journey at the Cardano Center wasn’t limited to the exhibition. He participated in a series of insightful interviews and live workshops, sharing his creative process and connecting with the Cardano community.

Highlights from Jooste’s Engagements:

  • Interview on Cardano Over Coffee: In this captivating conversation, Jooste explored the intersection of art, technology, and blockchain, offering a glimpse into the ‘Prism’ collection.
  • Calmdano Interview: Join Jooste for a unique blend of mindfulness techniques, soothing thoughts, and insights into finding inner calm within the Cardano ecosystem.
  • Twitter Spaces: Jooste engaged in insightful discussions with the Cardano Centers team on Twitter Spaces, sharing his artistic journey and perspectives.
  • Q&A Session at the Wrap Party: The wrap party provided a platform for Jooste to delve deeper into the creative process behind his work and engage with an enthusiastic audience.

Artwork Showcased:

Interviews & Videos and Live Workshops:

4K Video of the exhibitioin for gallery displays.
Join us for an episode filled with mindfulness techniques, soothing thoughts, and a unique blend of cryptocurrency and serenity. Let’s unlock the power of tranquility in the world of Cardano with a guest host who’s dedicated to helping you find your inner calm.
In this cosmic conversation, we journey through the galaxies of Cardano, answering questions from the ever-curious COC community, and catch a glimpse of the enigmatic ‘Prism’ collection. As the digital cosmos continues to expand, we invite you to join us on this interstellar adventure, where art, technology, and blockchain merge to create something truly out of this world.