Featured Artist: NFTxLV

Cosmopolitan photographer and digital content creator Julius Jooste has achieved a significant milestone by being chosen as a featured artist at NFTxLV 2023, a prestigious NFT conference held in Las Vegas. This recognition not only marks his accomplishments within the NFT space but also shines a spotlight on his artistic journey, deeply rooted in cosmopolitan culture and fueled by his travels and diverse career experiences.

Having previously sold NFTs on leading Cardano marketplaces like jpg.store and DropSpot.io, Jooste brings a strong understanding and established presence within the blockchain art community. His two selected pieces, “Restless” and “Devotion,” showcase his unique blend of digital artistry and personal expression, capturing the essence of his creative journey and resonating deeply with the Cardano community.

The overwhelming support from key figures like Hero and Jason Matias, coupled with the exhibition of his work at the Cardano Center, further solidifies Jooste’s position as a rising star within the NFT and Cardano ecosystem. This recognition is a testament to his talent, dedication, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of art and technology.

Join Jooste at NFTxLV 2023 as he takes center stage amongst the world’s leading NFT artists and innovators. Witness the power of his art and connect with him on his exciting journey.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
Dates: September 29 –  1 October 2023

Artwork Created for the Event:

Luck Be a Lady – In the heart of a bustling Las Vegas nightclub, suspended in time and motion, there’s a dancer on a swing. Her form radiates an ethereal glow, drawing the gaze of every onlooker. They say she’s the embodiment of luck – capricious and fleeting, she can be as cold as a desert night when disrespected. Yet, to those who treat her with genuine care, she unveils a warmth as inviting as a golden sunrise. As her silhouette gracefully swings, may she bless you with fortune during your stay in this city of dreams and beyond. Here’s to the enchantress of the night – may Luck always be your Lady.

Artwork Showcased:

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