Fine Art Affiliate Program

Calling all promoters, marketers, influencers and tastemakers!

I’ve recently launched a first of its kind online exhibition and I need your help to bring the collection to art collectors around the world.
The concept is simple. Promote art to ideal clients within your network and receive 15% commission for every sale you make.

This affiliate program is ideal for members within the arts and entertainment industries.
So, if you have a blog, mailing list, online store or substantial following on social media within this sector, this opportunity is perfect for you.

Who is Julius Jooste?

I am one of Dance Music’s most trusted photographers. I have captured well over a thousand events in some of the world’s most sought after clubs, events and festivals.
My clients include some of the world’s most established DJs, producers, promoters, NGOs and labels. Both my academic and professional accomplishments speak to the fact that I am a hard-working, passionate and reliable individual.

What are we selling?

We are selling framed fine art prints from a selection of artists and collections. Exhibitions vary in price and style from artist to artist and collection to collection. For unlimited edition pieces, affiliates can expect to earn between €30 – €90 per converted sale. For limited edition prints, commissions range between €75 – €225 per converted sale. Specifics for each respective collection is made available in the Affiliate Area which is only accessible to approved affiliates.

The exhibitions are printed, framed and packaged by WhiteWall, the industry leader in museum quality manufacturing. Once ready, art-safe-packed containers are collected from the WhiteWall manufacturing plant in Germany or the United States of America and shipped via UPS to collectors around 48 countries.

More Info

I’ve added additional information below to help answer any questions potential applicants may have.
Please feel free to get in touch with me via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if there is anything else you would like to know.

An affiliate program is a form of marketing, where sellers get a commission for successfully converted sales.
This particular affiliate program offers a 15% commission per successful transaction.

Limited Edition Prints

Framed Fine Art Prints (cm)Selling PriceAffiliate Commission (15%)
30 x 20 (44 x 34)€500.00€75.00
45 x 30 (59 x 44)€750.00€112.50
60 x 40 (74 x 54)€1,000.00€150.00
75 x 50 (89 x 64)€1,250.00€187.50
90 x 60 (104 x 74)€1,500.00€225.00

Unlimited Edition Prints

Framed Fine Art Prints (cm)Selling PriceAffiliate Commission (15%)
30 x 20 (44 x 34)€200.00€30.00
45 x 30 (59 x 44)€300.00€45.00
60 x 40 (74 x 54)€400.00€60.00
75 x 50 (89 x 64)€500.00€75.00
90 x 60 (104 x 74)€600.00€90.00

Interested applicants are encouraged to view the showcased exhibitions available in the navigation menu before applying for the program.

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