This collection is the result of nearly a decade of art-as-therapy sessions. The majority of them have not been viewed by anyone. Nor have I made public what I was experiencing while taking these images.

The art-as-therapy approach has been a favourite of mine ever since high school. Now that I have matured as an adult, my art medium of choice has become photography. Over the past decade or so, I've used it to cultivate a sense of being present and to process raw and intense emotions as they presented themselves.

More often than not, I'd combine my mindfulness photographic practice with a nature walk and use the images I'd captured to reflect and ponder my emotional sensations as they arise.

It is my hope that these photographs will serve you during difficult times as they have served me.

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Twenty-two months of lock-down and staying indoors had taken its toll on me as well as my once illustrious photography career. It was clear that I had to adapt my creative approach if I were to have any hope of surviving the ordeal that was COVID 19.

I set out with my camera one sunny afternoon seeking to reconnect with the joy and passion my photography had once brought me. It had been nearly a decade since I first moved down to Cape Town and yet I had never taken any landscape photos. At least not any that I would consider putting up for sale.

The sunset was superb. And instead of taking my usual route along the promenade, I spent most of my time on a secluded beach where I could take my time and just be in the moment.

Date Taken: 09 January 2022
Location: Blouberg Strand, Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer: Julius Jooste


Date Taken: 03 September 2020
Location: Darling, Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer: Julius Jooste