Welcome to the exclusive landing page for collectors of my 'New' NFT collection. As a valued patron, your freshly minted NFT not only entitles you to a complimentary t-shirt featuring my original artwork, complete with a unique 100% discount code and free shipping, but also gives you membership to my First Viewers mailing list. As a First Viewer, you'll get exclusive previews of my latest works before they are released to the public.

Ownership is verified via an wallet scan before generating your personalized coupon. Please note, those who have acquired an NFT via secondary marketplaces will receive a generous 50% discount, not inclusive of shipping costs. Currently, I ship my high-quality t-shirts to 175 countries globally. For further details regarding shipping speeds, prices, and availability, please visit our shipping speeds and pricing page here.

Let's celebrate your patronage and my art together. Enjoy these exclusive benefits as a token of my appreciation for your support.

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