From a Distance

Twenty-two months of lockdown and staying indoors had taken its toll on me as well as my once illustrious photography career. It was clear that I had to adapt my creative approach if I were to have any hope of surviving the ordeal that was COVID 19.

I set out with my camera one sunny afternoon seeking to reconnect with the joy and passion my photography had once brought me. It had been nearly a decade since I first moved down to Cape Town and yet I had never taken any landscape photos. At least not any that I would consider putting up for sale.

The sunset was superb. And instead of taking my usual route along the promenade, I spent most of my time on a secluded beach where I could take my time and just be in the moment.

From the 'Landscapes' Collection by Julius Jooste

₳400 - ₳450

Edition: 1 of 10

Location: Blouberg Strand, Cape Town, South Africa
Date Taken: 09 January 2022
Photographer: Julius Jooste

From the

collection by Julius Jooste

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