Shadow Work was created as a way for me to convey the insights I've had while finding my voice as a career creative.

The term "shadow work" was initially coined by Dr Carl Jung. He proposed that the mind had the ability to take what we were most ashamed of and hide it out of sight of the conscious mind in space referred to as The Shadow.

Jung went on to explain that much of mental anguish stems from the tension brought on by suppressing one's shadow. He proposed that addressing, processing and integrating one's shadow, would result in a richer, more authentic way of experiencing what it means to be alive.

It is often considered that when Jung asks us to integrate our shadow, he is asking us to accept and come to terms with the femininity that resides in each of us.

I’ve created each piece to be used as an awareness cultivator while undergoing periods of change and uncertainty.

May it be your beacon as you navigate through times of transformation and growth.

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What is the shadow if not a dance between light and dark as we go through life? It is the constant flux between two interdependent opposites that balance each other out and coexist in balance and harmony. Having spent almost a decade photographing nightlife, I've been allowed unique insights into how people behave when the lights go out and the music comes on.

This image is about the shadow and how we dance with it, as we venture through life. The blacks and silhouettes in the image is an ever-present reminder that it is acceptable to not know everything all the time.

Date Taken: 14 August 2018
Location: Privilege, Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste

Fear is ever-present. it is an unavoidable part of life. Our relationship with how we respond to fear is what makes the difference.

This image is an ode to my fellow creatives. Amidst the chaos and devastation brought on by the global pandemic, I implore you to be kind to yourselves. To take the necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe. To remain good people despite not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

Date Taken: 1 December 2017
Location: Zip Zap Curcus, Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer: Julius Jooste

It is just and noble to find our place in this world. It requires a strong constitution and a hunger for our craft. But more importantly, for our dreams to have any chance of success, we have to learn to work and function as a community. The power of the pack outweighs the power of the individual.

This image is about the power that comes with being part of a community. Notice the troupe of dancers as they stand with pride before the show starts. These are the people that share the same dream as you do. This is your tribe.

Date Taken: 14 August 2018
Location: Privilege, Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste

There is no stronger art form than that of the story. It inspires, elates, devastates and endures. It is wisdom passed down in song from generation to generation. It is folklore that teaches us through the mistakes of others and not our own. It is the golden quilt of destiny, writing the story of your life as you live it. Yes. Live your life, tell your story, and allow others to learn in moments, that which took you ages.

This image is an example of suspended disbelief. There is no logical reason for the brain to believe what is seeing in this image is true. Yet, because there is a sharp focus, bright colours and familiar objects present in the frame, the brain registers it as real. It is often the same case when it comes to pursuing one's dreams.

Date Taken: 26 September 2019
Location: Cova Santa, Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste

The universe has a strange way of using something that you want, to get you to where it wants you to be. Though we often find ourselves disappointed because we did not find what we were looking for. The failure acts as a catalyst that brings us exactly to where we are most needed.

Ever find yourself starting with a certain objective in mind yet ending up with something completely different? That was the case for me around the time I took this picture. I had fallen in love with a dancer, only to realize after things didn't work out, that hardly a word she ever spoke was true. To my surprise, I harboured little to no resentment. Instead, I found myself wishing her well as I went on my way with a light heart and a clear conscience.

Date Taken: 30 September 2019
Location: Pacha, Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste

In Buddhist teachings it is taught that when we desire something in the physical realm, it is first born in the metaphysical realm and as we journey closer to our desires in the physical realm, our desires journey closer towards us from the metaphysical beyond. Or, to put it simply, the things we desire, desire us.

This image represents the moment our desire break through the veil of the metaphysical and begin to manifest themselves in our reality.

Date Taken: 9 July 2015
Location: Heart, Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste

There is a freedom that comes with being aware of your own darkness. It is as if an old enemy has now become a trusted ally. But now, instead of working against one another, you can work together in harmony.

An integrated psyche is a powerful psyche. When the internal wars are over (and won), the external wars become a lot easier.

Date Taken: 3 October 2018
Location: The Grand Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
Photographer: Julius Jooste

As we venture forth on our respective journeys, it is important to cultivate and maintain a strong frame of mind. This image serves as a testament that there is very little that can defeat a mind that is tenacious enough to not give up, and flexible enough to try new things.

This image was almost five years in the making. It was only while photographing this particular firework festival for the fifth time that I found the perfect vantage point to capture the fairy-tale-likeness that Ibiza has become synonymous with.

Date Taken: 8 August 2017
Location: Port of Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain
Photographer: Julius Jooste