Introduction The term "shadow work" was initially coined by Dr Carl Jung. He proposed that the mind had the ability to take what we were most ashamed of and hide it out of sight of the conscious mind in space referred to as The Shadow.

Jung went on to explain that much of mental anguish stems from the tension brought on by suppressing one's shadow. He proposed that by addressing, processing and integrating one's shadow, it would result in a richer more authentic way of experiencing what it means to be alive.

In psychology, the traditional qualities of what we tend to associate with masculine energy are often described with words like "light", "structure" and "order". In contrary, the traditional qualities we tend to associate with the feminine energy are commonly described with words like "chaotic", "unpredictable" and "dark".

It is often considered than when Jung asks us to integrate our shadow, he is asking us to accept and come to terms with the femininity that resides in each of us.

This exhibition is a self-study of the shadow and how it can be observed in both the internal and external world. May its insights bring you harmony.
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